King Stone Dry Gin 70cl 43% vol.

Tasting Note

Sweet juniper and fresh orange are at the core of the nose. There's a lovely dusty, earthy note from the Dandelion and a beautifully integrated floral note from the Elderflower.


A classic London Dry style with Juniper and Corriander at the forefront of the palate. A celebration of citrus with Orange Peel leading the charge. The spice from the Angelica and Orris Root is abundant but not overbearing. Lastly, Liquorish root gives the gin natural sweetness and a silky smooth finish. 


Steeped in tradition and heritage King Stone Gin is distilled in a one-shot distillation method using a 30L copper-pot still.  One-shot meaning, we add our base spirit and our 9 botanicals to the still and macerate (soften or become softened by soaking in liquid) for 12 hours. We then heat the bottom of the still with gas very similar to boiling a kettle. The vapour that boils off hits the swans neck which condenses the vapour back into a liquid. The now distillate travels through the cooling coil and into the collection jug.






The base spirit is exactly as it says; the base of the spirit. It can range from grains such as Barley, Wheat, Rye to Grapes, Sugar Cane, and Milk. Essentially if there’s sugar to ferment then you can use it as a base to the spirit.


Our base spirit derives from a mixture of barley and corn providing the foundation of King Stone Gin. 

Base Spirit 


Water makes up around 50% of King Stone Gin; In-fact all water used in gin whether it's from a 100-year-old well or not needs to pass through an intense filter to remove any trace of contamination leaving very pure H20. We use this to bring our distilled gin down to the desired 43% abv.



Juniper provides just enough of that pine-needle and lavender character we were looking for to make King Stone Gin a London Dry style!

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