The Now!

"What strange times we are living in, unprecedented times and uncertain times" is a sentence that I (Sam - Founder of King Stone Gin) have heard continuously over the last 9 weeks. It's also a sentence that is by no means wrong. Things have changed, life has changed and the way we operate in daily life has changed. For a small business like King Stone Gin, innovation has been a necessity. Pre-pandemic we did most of our trade through pubs and restaurants - working hard to get listings with new accounts, enticing general managers and bar managers with promotional deals, no minimum order quantities and same-day delivery. Now - there's been a shift in the way any business that wants to survive these challenging times has to operate. We have made a concerted effort to increase our online presence, more posting on social media is the first port of call, with that the growth of a community sharing the love of gin as the common ground has been established.  My hashtag catalogue has grown considerably with more time spent taking photographs of gin related items on my kitchen table than ever before. Our online e-commerce website is like that of a busy farmers market pre-pandemic. Our newest venture is a Doorstep Gin Delivery Service - we offer a number of different lockdown packages to your door with delivery free of charge - makes sense as we're doing a lot of escaping through gin at the moment. Lastly, it's the way we as humans are consuming that determines whether or not a business survives or doesn't. What can you do? Making a concerted effort to support local, support small businesses, shower each other with love and make sure you savour every mouthful and moment is a great start. 

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