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‘Ascending from the Cotswold Hills like the Rollright Stones themselves’King Stone Gin has risen. Steeped in tradition and British heritage, KSG is inspired by the King Stone of the Rollright Stones. Released in the summer of 2019, KSG is coming up to its first official birthday- though its creation has been the work of a lifetime for founder Sam Lawson-King. Their mantra ‘drink responsibly – drink organic’ speaks to more than just drinking in moderation! Sustainability is fundamental to this organic spirit brand, as well as giving back- a portion of the profits go to the Rollright Conservation Trust, Oxfordshire. Distilled in small batches using a one-shot method and a copper-pot still, this premium dry gin is a contemporary take on the traditional London Dry style. With juniper and coriander at its core, this gin is a celebration of citrus, boasting sweet orange and elderflower. This combined with its earthy notes of dandelion and the natural sweetness from the liquorice root gives this spirit its rounded, silky texture. All too easy to drink! As a new gin brand amongst the many gin giants- KSG is connecting with its local environment and collaborating with likeminded small businesses in their efforts to support local and really connect with their following- they can be seen ‘popping up’ at their homegrown events throughout the Cotswolds as they continue to grow.

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