The story begins in 1500BC when the King’s Stone was erected as the last instalment of the Neolithic trinity that makes the wonderous Rollright Stones of Oxfordshire.

Similar to Stone Henge and Avebury, this magical stone site has seen celebration, history and rituals dating back to the Bronze Age.


Ascending from the Cotswold Hills like the Rollright Stones themselves, King Stone Gin forges a relationship between the ancient heritage of the sight and the area of outstanding natural beauty it’s produced within.

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Sam’s earliest experience with gin came from his beloved Nana. When she came down to visit Gordon’s was always top of the shopping list (alongside her preferred dainty cans of fizzy Schweppes tonic). When Nana arrived, there would be a squabble between Sam and his siblings as to who got to make her G&T. The air became charged with the scent of sweet juniper and citrus as the seal was cracked and the victor poured.


Today we stand in the midst of a very different gin drinking era, if Nana was here today to witness the diversity and emerging styles... she’d probably still buy Gordon’s (or maybe her grandson’s King Stone Gin)

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‘King Stone Gin’ is the brainchild of Sam Lawson-King; born of the Cotswolds he spent many years travelling the world making wine.


Throughout that time, he explored his passion for craft beverages, refining his palate as he went. Meeting people from all walks of life he became inspired and driven to return to his motherland- the Cotswolds, and create something of his own.


Sam’s mission for King Stone Gin was clear from the start, as he sat on his friend’s porch in Oregon, USA; “to produce an Organic, London Dry Style Gin with more fruit complexity; a fresh new Juniper-light alternative, refreshingly crisp, silky smooth and packing a punch”.